Volunteer with World Relief

Volunteers play a vital role in supporting World Relief’s work. World Relief Atlanta equips individuals with professional and spiritual development tools to impact the globe and further God’s Kingdom. We hope to engage refugees with the local Church by connecting refugee families to American friends through our volunteer services. Volunteers stand at the end of a refugee’s long flight to freedom, welcoming them with open arms. Volunteers help refugees rebuild their lives in the U.S. by doing simple things like preparing apartments, teaching English, and finding jobs.  Volunteers quickly become a refugee’s first friends in America.

Some ways volunteers can meet these needs:

  • Assisting WR staff in gathering donations for refugee housing, setting up housing, and grocery shopping for new arrivals

  • Greeting and welcoming the incoming refugees and families as they arrive from the airport.

  • Helping refugees get to necessary medical appointments

  • Taking them shopping for groceries and seasonally-appropriate clothing

  • Teaching them to navigate the community via public transportation.

  • Equipping refugees with basic living skills such as housekeeping and budgeting

  • Serving as ESL tutors, interpreters, and translators

  • Functioning as cultural and community guides (helping refugees learn about their new community and the public resources available to them)

  • Demonstrating personal and public safety practices

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel our volunteer training for the month of August.

Please re-visit the website for details regarding future volunteer training opportunities. 

To receive more information about volunteering, please email our Volunteer Coordinator at atlantavc@wr.org