• Making a home

    World Relief Atlanta begins preparing homes for refugees before they even arrive. By providing clean, nice, and fully stocked homes for incoming refugees, we are able to welcome them with open arms. Building a comfortable home for our new neighbors communicates the compassionate love of Jesus -- find out how your community can get involved in an apartment set up.

  • Welcoming the Stranger

    Refugees are people who were forced to flee their homes and countries because of persecution and conflict or a fear of it. These are individuals and families who have faced incredbile trauma and challenges -- yet they find the strength to come to a land they have never been to and rebuild their lives in an unfamiliar culture. They are incredible people with unfathomable courage. 

  • STAND/with me

    Volunteering with World Relief Atlanta equips individuals with professional and spiritual development tools to impact the globe and further God’s Kingdom. Join us in our efforts to bring hope to the suffering. We hope to engage refugees in the local Church by connecting refugee families to American friends through our volunteer services. Our volunteers are a vital component of the resettlement

  • God STANDS/for the vulnerable

    Jesus set an example in order to call us to serve those who are suffering from poverty and injustice, regardless of color, belief, or gender, as part of God\'s plan to redeem, reconcile, and restore the world. For this reason, we also defend those who are oppressed, weak and who do not have a voice of their own, whether in Darfur, Burma or the US, just as Christ defends us.

STAND/with the vulnerable

Every second of every day children are orphaned by disease, women are widowed by conflict, families are devastated by natural disasters and refugees are relocated to new countries. These are the heartbreaking stories of the vulnerable. We believe God has equipped the church the most diverse social network on the planet to be at the center of these stories, leveraging time, and resources to join the vulnerable in their time of need.

Refugee Resettlement

Political violence, ethnic disputes and economic disparities displace millions of people a year. We stand for the displaced by specializing in Immigrant Services & Refugee Resettlement in Atlanta. Every year, World Relief Atlanta's network of volunteers/partner churches resettle approximately 1% of all refugees entering the United States, providing language skills, job training and spiritual support to our new community members.