Being an intern with World Relief will allow you to wrestle with the complexities of cross-cultural work in Atlanta while gaining firsthand experience with refugees from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.


While all internships are unpaid, the program is competitive, and you are encouraged to approach it in the same way you would a job. Applicants are required to submit a cover letter, resume, application, assessment, and to pass a Criminal Background Check. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Basic requirements include the ability to commit to at least two full days per week, a valid driver's license, and the ability to drive a company minivan. Internships are offered for Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters.

Applications will open soon for Fall 2018 (September - December).  



Position Description:

Support the Reception & Placement Team by providing services to orient newly arrived refugees to life in the United States. Tasks will include (but are not limited to) securing housing, addressing medical concerns, registering children in school, applying for Social Security Card and other important documents, and linking refugees to our internal and mainstream services.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Maintain positive relationships with clients to encourage them to self-sufficiency through client advocacy and providing access to resettlement services and resources.
  • Learn the World Relief document management systems and maintain case notes and files.
  • Ensure that all initial resettlement needs for refugees are provided for in accordance with Department of State mandates and current funding requirements.
  • Ensure that refugees are provided with essential furnishings, adequate food, pocket money, and clothing.
  • Offer prompt and supportive communication to staff and volunteers involved in refugee cases.
  • Collaborate across all office groups with administrative tasks (i.e. filing, paperwork, forms, etc.).
  • Assist the World Relief office in refugee client support including transportation, apartment set-ups, and other miscellaneous tasks.
  • Conduct home visits, orientations, and transportation to the Social Security office, social services, and other appointments in the Clarkston community.



Position Description:

Empower refugees to become a part of the American workforce by providing them with the knowledge and resources to obtain employment and to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Encourage refugees to become well-rounded applicants for employment by helping them create resumes, apply to jobs, and prepare for interviews.
  • Coordinate interpreters for clients. 
  • Assist the employment team with monthly job preparation classes which may include transporting clients, setting up presentation equipment, arranging the classroom, and assisting with the presentation. 
  • Research and network with local employers to find open positions for clients.
  • Maintain relationships with clients to best understand their employment needs.



Position Description:

Provide administrative support and assist the Immigrant Legal Services (ILS) staff with providing legal services to clients. Learn about the immigration and naturalization laws and policies of the United States. 

**The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) recognizes our World Relief Atlanta office and our ILS staff holds BIA accredited representative status. Only BIA accredited representatives or attorneys may provide legal advice to clients.** 

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Assist Senior Immigration Counselor, Immigration Attorney, and Director of Immigrant Legal Services, and under their guidance and supervision, prepare legal immigration applications and materials after applicants have been legally screened by them.
  • Assist ILS staff during initial consultation to determine eligibility for requested services and to inform client of application process, including required records and questions to be answered.
  • Assist ILS staff in contacting clients before and after initial consultation regarding scheduled appointments and required documentation.
  • Assist ILS staff in preparing various applications and forms, ensuring accuracy of information.
  • Primary applications which intern will assist and observe: I-485 Refugee Application for adjustment of status to Legal Permanent Resident (Green Card); N-400 Citizenship Application; and I-912 Request for Fee Waiver.
  • Other applications which intern will assist and observe: AA.
  • Example of main applications for which intern’s assistance will be required: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) applications; Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) self-petitions; U Visa petitions for victims of crimes; One-step spousal Adjustment of Status applications (green card applications), I-130 Petitions for Alien Relative; Consular processing applications, Refugee applications for Adjustment of Status, I-131 Travel Document applications, and I-730 Refugee/Asylee Relative Petitions.
  • Interview clients to gather biographical information and documents relevant to their immigration and naturalization cases.
  • Conduct follow-up interviews with clients, as needed, throughout the case preparation process.
  • Ensure that copies of all relevant applications and documents are placed in client files.
  • Input case-related information into client database and prepare case summaries as needed.
  • Distribute promotional materials.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor and ILS team.



Position Description:

Work on creative projects while gaining experience in brand strategy, social media, media relations, and market research and analysis. 

  • Research and curate content for social media, blog, and internal communications/materials.
  • Help develop social media strategies for World Relief Atlanta. 
  • Draft and edit promotional materials. 
  • Assist with campaign content and all other aspects of campaign execution.

Additional Responsibilities: 

  • Fluency with social media.
  • Highly collaborative and excellent writing skills.
  • Competent in the use of Microsoft Office.
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision, and to deal with problems/issues promptly and efficiently.
  • Ability to communicate clearly, both orally and in writing.
  • Flexible and motivated team player.
  • Proven ability to work in a team setting and think critically and creatively in a fast paced environment. 
  • Adobe Suite and basic graphic design experience a plus.
  • Amateur or professional photography skills a plus. 


If you have additional questions about our internship program, please contact our Volunteer and Intern Coordinator at